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With Facebook recently overtaking Google as the top venue for advertisers to spend their dollars, it opens a golden opportunity for those entrepreneurs who are poised and ready to take advantage of the timing and positioning.

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Take a look if you haven’t already noticed, BIG business is already all over FB. They’ve found that staying in touch with folks who use and like their products is extremely easy through social media. If you’re on the fan page of one of these companies you have access to special and discounts that won’t be found anywhere else. (Exclusivity & Scarcity all in one)

You can also comment on their wall giving them direct feedback without them having to spend money from their budget in order to create, market, score, assess and evaluate a massive poll. They have the ability to ask you directly what you want most from them and respond in kind.

Now, transfer all of these big business strategies down to a smaller scale and begin to realize how easily you could go out and create and/or manage fan pages for businesses in your local community. If you’re good with graphics, that’s even better, there are FBML (facebook markup language) templates and information out there that will allow you to create custom designs for those fan pages.

If you have a knack for video (outsource if you don’t) you can and should offer to create HD videos for your clients and then upload and manage their YouTube channel for them. Oh, don’t forget to submit their video to sites like TubeMogul so that they can be categorized, keyworded and then widely distributed. This will also come in handy if you’re going to be building a blog for them.

These are only two examples of what you might offer local businesses in order to help them expand their sphere of influence. Think about them the same way for your business. If you’re not already in business, this is a good way to begin. If you already have an established offline consulting business, you could use these ideas as an adjunct to services that you’re already providing. The choice is up to you.

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